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Yesterday was a long day to be Darla.

Church, sisters, candy, candy, cake and friends.

She ran into her sisters in the morning and when they did not hug her and react with the same joy she was feeling – it broke her heart. She is 3 years old and missed the subtext of some outsider instructong them not to return her affectionate greetings. All she felt was rejected. – So Darla looked at me and said "My heart , it broke. When we get home I need to take down their pictures". My heart broke for her. I was, however, impressed with her long range thinking.

So we went to visit her oldest sister Jackie. Jax and Darla always make each other smile slyly at each other.

Someone fed her handfuls of chocolates…Stephanie. ..ahem. so there was a brief sugar rush that burned out in a party with other small children.

As she fell asleep in the car, she told me she felt warm and cozy and loved. Then she asked if Melanie and Abby would remember and look even her again some day.

I hate the politics of grown ups and I am sad that Darla already has coping skills for them.

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December 29, 2014 at 11:52 pm

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