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Darla on the news!

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Darla has been doing the Los Angeles City recreation and parks program while I work so she can get her school work done there. I’m so very thankful to this program that allows my child to be safe and to get the help she needs with her class work. Her teacher at Fenton Ave and that entire school has been wonderful and supportive in trying to create a learning environment that is virtual and safe.

She was interviewed by channel 7.

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September 3, 2020 at 6:12 pm

Covid School care at the Parks

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School is a lifesaver for a few parents because it’s a safe place for your child to be that is usually free.

The week before Darla started school I realized she wasn’t going to get into the free after school care and I had to hunt. I was so lucky that someone suggested I called Los Angeles City recreation and Parks and talk to Juchelle. she agreed to come in on a Saturday so my daughter could meet her and feel comfortable going with her after school.

5 years later we are still using the parks religiously. (Not the original park because the Humphreys Park in Pacoima is where she got a black eye and they took no accountability for it other than a phone call to me.) I just signed her up for Delano’s Park so that she can be there from 8:00 to 6:00 and do her school work.

She would rather do camp Kaleidoscope at Northridge but that one is $150 a week. So that’s $300 for two weeks and $600 for a month and I just can’t afford that.

But I am so grateful to know that she will be with adults and have food and care provided to her so that I can work without worry.

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August 28, 2020 at 7:55 pm