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I voted for Roma Pizzaria on Duarte in Arcadia

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because I REALLY REALLY like the food. I love pizza and Pastrami..hey, they have a pastrami pizza. But also, the Italian Pastas and salads are soo good. After my Mom died, they catered the family dinner post memorial. I lived on this pasta for weeks. It is comfort food at it’s finest.

I am a little amused/perturbed/confused that the owner allegedly tells his friends (ahem RW)  that I am never the same person twice when I am there. I am always the same person – just sometimes I am more hungry than other’s.

Go hungry, leave happy. Look for your friends in the picture frames on the East wall. And, if you have a chance, vote for all of your favorite businesses. Oh, and if you are reading this from FaceBook – go find the Fan Page for Roma’s… Darla’s picture is there. That alone should make you “like” it! 🙂

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July 15, 2011 at 10:35 pm

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