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Coming home to Good Shepherd

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The best part of coming to some legal conclusions about Darla is the ability to come home… and by that I mean return to the church that has been part of my life since kindergarten – longer than I have had my parents or my current last name.

I have missed the Hoover and Hubbles and Grahms.

My love of dark wood and stained glass started in the church where I played hide and seek under the pews

Both of my daughters have attended day care there.

This is where I learned to read music and Mrs Lucas taught me to sing.

The friends I keep tucked into my heart, whose successes and choices I celebrate : u met them there. Rachel and Jessica and Kirsten (one of my personal favorites with a wonderful family), Molly&Jesse, and Franklyn and the many many Aguilars. I see the Parrelli(I can’t spell that) s and so many of the women who have inspired and shaped me on the campus.

Today was one of my first forays home…and it felt wonderful.

God is everywhere, I never needed a building for faith (and my daughters are the same), but there is something about a church family that can never be replaced.

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December 28, 2014 at 8:19 pm

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