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Morning chats, @Dodger blankets, and frienndship

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This morning was an adventure of motherhood. I like infant children because they don’t require a lot of thought ; you just have to constantly be awake and functional . Children are more work. This morning my conversation with Darla covered the bases.

It started with her telling me that she can not taking nap at school because her Dodger blanket has wolves in it. They howl at her while she tries to nap and they keep her awake.

She was telling me that there is a girl at school who always wants to play with her but she does not want to play with this child I tried to explain to her that the appropriate response is "thank you for your patronage but this is establishmet does not serve your ilk". Then she told me that she doesn’t want to play with anybody at school and she just wants to be left alone but then she doesn’t know why she is alone.
3 year olds are complicated people

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November 20, 2014 at 4:24 pm

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