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Darla Comes to Town

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This is the story of Darla’so birth


It had been a long week over here and a pretty hard one too -but Alphabet Boy and I had come to an understanding. . . especially about the Lindey ) factor. But the decision was that we would work on being friends and moving forward and using the next three weeks to prepare for the baby – gender as yet unknown.

We got exactly one day.

Friday morning I could not sleep not get comfortable. I closed out an e-mail to DC’s sister and tried laying on the heating pad and eventually decided to take a hot shower to relax the small of my back. I washed my hair, smelled like peppermint and put on PJ’s and crawled into bed but the pain was worse.

I was watching the clock since the time was projected on the wall. at 1:40 am the pain started and lasted a minute – I had another minute…

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November 13, 2014 at 10:28 pm

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Your body is your business, no one else gets a say

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This is my littlest kid.
She loves the Caster’s clothes.
She likes anything animated or Disney and had begun making up her own songs. The other day she sang to me a 4 minute sing with the only lyrics of "ya, yea, ya" because "those are the words I wrote for the song, Mom".

Every morning going we have a serious discussion of hairstyles…mostly named for Disney Princesses :the Elsa braid, Anna braided pigtails, the Belle (half bun on top of her hair), Tinkerbell- a whole bum on top of her head, and Perfect Hair – pigtails. She is strong willed and never waivers.

This week she has gone to daycare with her hair up and come home with it down. Another girl takes the ribbons and hair ties out because she likes Dallas hair down.

This morning going she told me that I was doing my own hair wrong and she wanted me to do a different type style. This led to the first of a lifetime of conversations.

My hair, my clothes, my body…these are mine. You really don’t get an opinion on how I present them.

Your friends and enemies don’t have the right to judge your body, your hair or your clothes.

As your mother, it is my job to ensure you are clean and that all of your bits and pieces are covered according to hygiene and the weather in clean clothes that fit. I make sure your hair is clean and healthy just like your teeth. Your doctor’s will check to see you are healthy and offer medical opinions , and it is acceptable for people to compliment you but otherwise you should never feel that you need to hear anyone’s views of you.

You are in charge of you.
The opinions about you are not your business.
The only person you owe anything to is you, so do your hair and dress in ways that make you happy.

We will see if her hair stays up or not.
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November 13, 2014 at 10:10 pm

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