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Darla Comes to Town

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This is the story of Darla’so birth


It had been a long week over here and a pretty hard one too -but Alphabet Boy and I had come to an understanding. . . especially about the Lindey ) factor. But the decision was that we would work on being friends and moving forward and using the next three weeks to prepare for the baby – gender as yet unknown.

We got exactly one day.

Friday morning I could not sleep not get comfortable. I closed out an e-mail to DC’s sister and tried laying on the heating pad and eventually decided to take a hot shower to relax the small of my back. I washed my hair, smelled like peppermint and put on PJ’s and crawled into bed but the pain was worse.

I was watching the clock since the time was projected on the wall. at 1:40 am the pain started and lasted a minute – I had another minute…

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November 13, 2014 at 10:28 pm

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