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When Abuse Comes to My Door

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Alas, Joey St. Hubert came pounding on my door and scared Darla and his daughters. I would not open the door to a man who I could hear from 100 feet away screaming into his cellphone. I would not open the door to the pounding fist of an out of control man on a mission to establish dominance.

My friend asked me to grab her daughter from school, so I did. Her 9 yr old daughter walked into my house 5 minutes later – and when I asked where her mom was, she said her Dad got her from school so she came to get her baby sister.

Unattended minors? No. I got no call or text from Dad, just this child at my door. I texted their mom a invited them o wait together for her to arrive. The girls were playing in the garage so I opened the 2 car garage door for several minutes and then closed it because in my HOA, 10 minutes is all First Service Residential will allow.

Sometime later I hear the yelling, then there is pounding. It Mr. Saint Hubert. I checked on the girls and they don’t want to go with Dad. They looked scared.

So I called Mom and texted her: she is 5 minutes away. I can hear their entire conversation through my front door. He is talking about her boyfriend, saying she doesn’t respect him as a man, as a father, and he will teach her about respecting him.

I text Dad that I’m scared and won’t open the door to someone who is pounding and yelling.

I call HOA security to remove him from my property. He won’t leave.

It isn’t his weekend to have the girls and neither wants to go to him. I have a reasonable expectation that he is dangerous.

I tell him I will call the police and he said he will call. Cool. Buddy, I wish you would.

1. It is the LAPD Foothill division. I have a better chance of finding Waldo than a police officer.

2. I’m not in the wrong.

3. I know for a fact: the police here NEVER answer their phone.

Finally, Mom makes it to my house and the security guard splits. And then this video happens.

This is only a snippet of him. Would you put little kids in his care?

This is what abusive behavior is. I’m standing with his ex and his daughters.

Domestic Violence is tactics of power and control.

So now Darla doesn’t feel safe in the house. Poor kid.

I took her over to the police station and they would not do a report, only promised to drive by before 11. The desk officer was a gem, was nothing ce to me and to Darla and gave her baseball cards and a book : but would NOT take a report on a man who promised to “F” me up and more.

He doesn’t want to see any texts from Dad, doesn’t want to see the videos, and says to call 911 in the future.

So thanks everyone, from First Service Residential, Pacoima LAPD Foothill Division and most of all Joey for making my 8 yr old cry and fearful.

Get it together.

Dad is NOT a hipster

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But let’s not tell him. Lunch at The Elephant Bar in Burbank with the little family. Yum. Sadly, not enough time to eat dessert. Mom is trying to be positive and happy.

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January 5, 2012 at 10:04 pm

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As Darla turns 1 year old, I get to think about what family means.

When I was a child, I was adopted by Lloyd and Judy Keith. Or, Daddy and Mrs Keith , as she was a teacher at Holly Avenue where I was a student of Rose Fox.


My family of origin was comprised of 4 children, Shawna, Shane, Sonya and Scott. Our mother was Sheila and we had a variety of fathers from what I surmise.  The 1960’s and 1970’s was an era of free love, drugs, and really ugly clothing. For my mother, it was a time to try to find herself, validate herself through relationships with men, and self medicate her problems with drugs and alcohol. Needless to say – this did not make her the best mother.

I always felt loved and wanted. I think that made all the difference in the world. I knew my biological mother loved me and when I was adopted into a swarm of Sible and Keith family members – it was with enthusiasm, love and an absolute welcome that is still there today. We are legion and I love them back.

Family is not just of blood and bone, it is made of life long commitment to never let you go through life alone.

Some of you have been my friends since before I had my current legal Keith family. You have been with me this whole time and are my family too.

Planning Darla’s first birthday party I get to see the RSVP list and see names that were here for Jackie’s arrival in the world, and names that were here from when I was a child.

I am working on defining what family means, who our family is and mostly – trying to find the time to thank you who have been so faithful to our bond this whole time.

So, here is “another silly question”, what does family mean to you, and what will you do to protect and preserve that bond?

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January 3, 2012 at 8:34 pm

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Auntie, Norma, girls

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The 5 Nelson Women: Auntie Roberta and Nana Norma, Abigail, Darla and Melanie

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January 1, 2012 at 12:33 am

Daddy Day Cupcakes

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Don’t these look yummy?

I am sending Jackie, The Bonus Kids, DC, and Ric to Golf and Stuff for MiniGolf and a BBQ. When they get back, maybe Darla and I will have made these yummy treats!

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June 17, 2011 at 9:12 pm

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