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I hope you don’t get Covid-19

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I hope you don’t get Covid-19.
If you do catch it,
I hope you are asymptomatic.
If you have symptoms, I hope they are mild.
If they are severe, I hope you are not miserable.
If they are severe:
I hope you survive.
If you do survive I hope you don’t have Post ICU trauma (a real form of PTSD)
If you survive I hope you don’t have long term lung problems or long term neurological problems (which is the source of the lack of taste symptom), or heart issues : all documented in some post severe COVID patients.

I don’t know what the other long term after effects are, nobody does.

So please, play it safe – as inconvenient and lonely as that might be.

Written by Homeless

May 12, 2020 at 9:50 pm

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