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Birthday Sundae

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To be honest, today sucked. My dad called me and I answered my n Speakerphone in the car.

The convo went thus

“I don’t know what the Hell you were there now ng talking to Grandma like that”

Me: I’m a little lost here

“You threatened her and said she felt unsafe. You said you could squish her like a bug and then you tried to pull her up from her chair but she stayed out and you fell onto the floor.”

Me…wondering if he is joking “well, she is an uppity old lady and all”

“That’s your problem. You’re such a fΓΌking Princess. You never admit when you’re wrong. You never appologize”

Me…Ummm okay.


I’m waiting for an explanation. Nothing he said jogs a memory for me.

“That’s all I have to say”

Me: okay, bye

Hangs up

Really, what gives?

I blocked Dad’s number. I know his girlfriend has made up lies about me before, and he is so whipped he believes her.

I thought you got maybe he was calling to talk about the mugs and to thank me for making one for her.

Or, maybe he was calling to wish Darla a happy birthday. Boy, was I wrong.

This is

so not the same Dad I grew up with.

Darla hasn’t recovered yet. She just whispered that while I was upstairs she and Grandma had been joking. OJ asked Darla to pee for her- Darla laughed and tried to help OJ up. Darla fell down and grandma put her feet in Darla and said she could step on her like an ant.

I was upstairs and missed all of this. So, this call came out of the blue. Thanks Raymond Lloyd Keith, you made the day unforgettable.

Written by Homeless

January 7, 2020 at 11:22 pm

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