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Black eye

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After we spoke about the supervising staff at Hubert Humphrey winter camp showing my daughter Netflix’s 🐦 Bird Box, and how the next day of camp the kids were blindfolded and let loose in the gym resulting in Darla falling on a bench and hitting her head so hard she had a knot … But no real medical attention was given to a child with a head injury other than ice… Things got worse.

On Thursday, staff member Kevin threw a ball at her face so hard that she cried. I did not receive a call and even when I saw Kevin at pick up time I was not told.

Darla told me that she saw everything from that eye as tinted bright yellow starting within minutes of Thursday’s injury.

Adrien and I, and then Carlos and I spoke of the importance of informing parents when a child is injured, particularly if they have a head injury. Friday morning I spoke to the drop off staff and she affirmed I would be called if another injury happened. She also taught Darla how to use the phone to call me.

On Friday she was hit in the face again.

3 head injuries in 3 days.

On Friday, Darla asked Destiny to have me called when she was hit by a ball. Destiny told my 7 year old child to find another adult to make this call. Darla asked Adrien.

I was never called.

Self reporting by my child is how I discovered she was exposed to A Rated R movie. Carlos told me that "some parents may let their kids watch those kind nds of shows", and Adrien said "the kids were having Free Play Friday and someone’s little sister had brought their iPad". Both men were attempting to normalize the exposure of my child to repeated gory scenes of suicide that she acted out in front of HH staff when telling me she had seen the movie.

So now on Friday night she has a black eye. If she had not told me of the inhuries, I might not have known the full extent.

I am angry. Fix this Los Angeles City Recreation and Parks.

Sonya Keith

Written by Homeless

January 6, 2019 at 3:02 am

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