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Armageddon at School Pick Up

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It is Armageddon behind my house. Empty cars double parked down the block while kids are picked up.. Stacked parking in the intersection of Dronfield Ave and Carl: 3 cars deep. I’m thinking they did NOT do a traffic study before building the school.

I saw Darla and met her after school program driver. I’m going to let her chill at the park and get a feel for it for a while before I go get her.

I’m not a helicopter mom, I am a paranoid mom who likes to watch how things work.

Oooh, you can buy t-shirts from the school on the sidewalk to the left of campus and corn with chili and mayo from a cart on the right side. Living in LA does have perks.

Written by Homeless

August 15, 2016 at 10:33 pm

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