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@disneyjunior , @darlasdollars needs Doc McStuffins

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Dear Disney,
Darla has slept with her Doc doll for 3 years and taken her everywhere. Doc is present for every bandaged knee and sleeps with her when she has a cold.
Doc has explained her friend’s bedwetting, prepared her for Doctor visits, and reduces my need to explain why she must wash her hands to keep germs away.
This year Doc got a baby sister. I am adopted and this helped my daughter understand what that means.
Doc and Lambie taught her that a cuddle is always good medicine.
Stuffy taught her to dream big and believe in herself.
Hallie’s ego episode was a lesson in thinking of others and not being too prideful.

Doc was a much needed retrograde to family on television. The children don’t hate each other , nor do they plot against their folks. The parents are present and involved with the kids. Here there are no sparky remarks or comebacks to show the kids are smarter than the parents, you see the kids wanting to to be like their grownups.

Doc’s best friend is a girl of another skin color. This is never discussed or alluded to. Kids are kids and friendship is all that matters.

I need more episodes becaise I need to know about Grandma McStuffins and if she can talk to toys also. Oh yes, Doc is a family experience over here and I enjoy the shows too.

We need more of her. Make it happen.

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July 4, 2016 at 6:56 pm

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