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Motherhood; half my life

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I have been a parent for half of my life.
Most of that time I’ve been a single parent. Every day is still a suprise.

Today Miss Darla declared we should wear matching fancy pants and be Booty Twins.

When Jackie was little I would watch her dance in the aisles as the movie credits rolled through a dark theater, when she was older we shared books. My favorite memories involved long car rides and 2 Thomas guides; one for her in the back and one for me in the front. She would pick a destination and we would drive while she retold me the story she had been reading. Jax is the living embodiment of still waters running deep.

Darla and Jackie are polar opposites. Darla talks to everyone and is super adventurous. She sings all the time, including in her sleep. Still, neither of them will eat eggs.

I never knew any part of my heart was missing until I met each of them. The happiest and saddest moments of my life involve them, as do my achievements and failures…so many failures.

Motherhood is not something I expected I would do, and both daughters surprised me… though nothing surprised me more than having a pregnancy confirmed in February and meeting Jackie in April…


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April 14, 2016 at 7:56 pm

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