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On the ride home today Darla informed me that when she is a grown up she wants to work in a school. I told her that my mom used to do that (and so did Dad and Aunt Joan and Cousin Tania) and so did Grandpa’s father.

Upon coming home I saw this photo on the shelf in my closet. Just loose, no where near the album it belongs in. Here are my thoughts about it.

1. Grandpa looks cool in his Member’s Only jacket. In all of my memories of him he is in motion and talking and the focus of everything. Who is this stranger looking serious on the end of the photo?

2. Speaking of strangers. Exactly when did the little tike who played my kid brother get recast with the giant who is currently holding the role. I refuse to believe this is the same person and I assume a switch was made in Colorado when I wasn’t there to supervise. You people and your hijinks. Look, Kenny was portable and travel size!

3. Obviously this was taken before Colorado where Dad decided 60 degrees is “balmy shorts wearing weather”. I haven’t seen him in a puffy jacket or parka in 21 years. Also this picture makes me sad – I miss this previous rendition of my Dad who was my hang out buddy back then until last year.

4. Why is mom the only person who is immune to the weather? How cute she is living her dream. The actual photo cuts off at the calves but I assume she is wearing socks that color coordinate with her shirt, because of course she is.

5. Grandma looks the same then as now just with updated hair and glasses. Why doesn’t she age?

6. Yellow. You stucco coated the house in bright yellow just after the Night Stalker appeared in the scene with rumors he hit yellow houses and then you moved into a back bedroom leaving me and the baseball bat alone at the front of the house. I see where I stood….

7. Those rosebushes. I am proud to say I never damaged a branch in my travels in and out of that window whenever I lost my key. Also, that house and Nana’s home were ridiculously easy to break into …which is good because I always lost my key – usually where I could see it through a window.

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May 16, 2015 at 6:40 am

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