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Doc at California Adventure

Doc at California Adventure

This is Darla at Disneyland this weekend. Doc McStuffins is one of her favorite Disney characters. She sleeps with her Doc doll, and before she was born DC and I referred to Darla as “Doc” because I knew that I wanted her to have the same initials “D and C” which seem to spell out Doc.

Big Wheel Joy

Big Wheel Joy

Darla has started sounding out words and spelling her friend’s names. She has been able to recite her name and phone number for over a year.
Next Monday we are playing hooky and going to Disneyland and then the Angel’s game in the evening. Darla is a natural born Dodger’s fan and we are going to the Dodger’s game on Father’s day in June.

Darla used the Target gift card and purchased a “Snackeze” cup for herself, it has a separate compartment for snacks that sits nested atop her beverage.

20150412 172908

Darla’s purchase

We are doing well and are very happy. When Darla isn’t up to her ears in art projects and princesses – she takes her fandom status of Captain America very seriously. My hallway is covered with posters of The Avengers and Darla has asked me to leave them up so she can look at Captain America every time she walks in the door.
Nothing says Childhood like a ride on a Big Wheel. Darla is thrilled that her legs are finally long enough to pedal.

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