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Bed Time

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My children are smarter than I am.
Jackie has always been politely and silently smug.

Darla is a pip and a problem.

She just turned 4 years old and already I’ve had months of:

"Say yes. I’m going to ask a question. You say yes. Yes, mommy."

Last night I heard.
"Mudder, she need a talk. You sit down" -she pats chair.
"Can you say ‘bed time’? Say it. Buh, buh, bed. Now say ‘time’. Tie, tie, timmmmmme.’

I obliged and said "Bed time"

"Good Mommy, that was good. Now say "Darla has No Bed Time", okay? I want to hear you say it!

Written by Homeless

January 21, 2015 at 7:47 pm

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