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Today it rained

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It rained and was cold and the sky was dark from black pillows covering the sky

So we hopped in our car
and drove down the 118 to the 145 to pick up our friend

We stopped for lunch with a wonderful waitress and terrible food, but we paid the bill and solidly tipped for service

The off to the zoo where we parked for free in the reserved section and watched the seals dive for a while

We held a quick informative intervention with the photographer who asked two young girls to disobey their instructions and wander over for a photo and chatted among ourselves about the importance of listening to our hearts and not the call of strangers

Then it was a alligator and birds and for a moment we observed the reindeer and read about their antlers and fur

Next we climbed up a hill
Splashing in every puddle (a thrill) rounding to take a turn on the a bonded play area slide , covered by tarps we felt like we were inside

Finally we found the hippopotamus family , mama, daddy , and baby just 30 days new

And behind us were squirrel monkeys and flamingos who never flew

A large spotted cat and the cave if a bat , and the holiday lights turned on for 5 seconds flat

Inside the rainforest we saw the red bellied piranha
Before we looked at each other and said
" I wanna
I wanna get out of this rain"

So back to the car and on the freeway again. The 134 east became the 210 and then off we slightly into Arcadia to see Grandpa. There was a tree fillwd.woth lights and ornaments to touch

Then finally the clock said the hours built up to much
So we found ourselves driving again, but this time on the regular old 10.

Said good by to our friend and told her parents "thank you for the loan"

And once more in the car, we drove all alone.

Written by Homeless

December 1, 2014 at 6:45 am

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