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My little story went up on one of my favorite blogs today, and some of you have wandered over to say Hello!


This is a blog without a purpose or mission.

Most of this blog is a collection of photographs of Darla’s life. I was moving so often and everything was Topsy turvey so make good a baby photo album seemed impractical- and also very hard to share.

My Grandma has been kicking for 82 years and has her own Facebook, email and Internet skills. She raised 5 children and is almost certain that the Big Bang Theory is about my Dad and his coworkers at J.P.L. (he certainly the Sheldon style comic shirts pictured).

Rather than sending photos to be developed at her local Target for pick up, I post them here for her to peruse. When I’m having a particularly bad day-i browse them too.

The blog became an accidental chronical of how her family used to look and what it is now without her dad and 2 of her sisters. She likes to see old photos here and choose the new pictures to post.

Because I work on a Los Angeles Co uh nay computer system, I go old school in my office with a cork board.

Darla is the youngest of 4 sisters (Jackie is 20, Abby is 11, Melanie is 10, Darla is 3). Jackie and Darla were born to me, the other girls live with their mother and grandmother about an hour away.

Mixed in with our family photos here are pictures of my "tribe", the Fairy Godmother Network of friends who are also a constant source of love and guidance for Darla.

As for myself, I work with chronically homeless, mentally ill drug addicts who are also parents on cash aid – and I volunteer at http://www.mendpoverty.org. because none of my friends of family understood poverty issues, I started www.homelessinla.com where I discuss whatever is on mind.

Wow. That was a lot of info.

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September 26, 2014 at 4:39 pm

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