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Bwhahaha. Things I Should Tell You

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So you have bravely decided to spend a day with Darla.

I spend all kinds of time with her so I just take some things for granted

1. Every 2 hours you MUST sit her on a toilet .

2. She will tell you the shape of her poops… avacado, turtle, batman, etc

3. Every 5 minutes she gets 50 pounds heavier

4. Napkin, sleeve, hand, your clothes…it is all a safe place for her wipe her face in her mind.

5. She believes that "No" is really the start of a negotiaion.

6. Tunnels are designed to be screamed through because echos are awesome!

7. Everything is fun. Arms go up and we shout "wheeeee" even over speed bumps.

8. You will be her new best friend and and your name will be on her lips for the next 6 weeks.

Written by Homeless

September 20, 2014 at 3:25 am

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