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Dressing Darla

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Darla is a big fan of the costume.

Darla's costumes range from Super Hero to Princess with stops in between

Darla’s costumes range from Super Hero to Princess with stops in between

   We have t-shirts for every superhero I can find. She has the complete Wonder Woman Costume and a pirate costume and dresses for most of the Disney Princesses and 3 Minnie Mouse dresses. Being 2, she can wear whatever she wants and it is cute. (Being 41 – I get called weird, quirky or eccentric so I stick to dresses and jeans with the occasional witty t-shirt thrown in). When she discovered “The Disney Princesses” , I made a special point to discuss Wonder Woman and how you can be a princess AND a Super Hero at the same time.

      Yesterday, I was perusing the Facebook and my friend Alexandra Howard linked to an article of a mother dressing her 5-year-old up as famous women in actual history.
     I am inspired. Driving home from work yesterday – I had an idea. It is new and still half-baked and needs editing. I am going to start an occasional project to dress Darla up as women and men who inspire me, or whom I am fond of – and whom I hope will see themselves as role models for Darla. Some of them are Princess Like, Some of them are heroic, a few combine both.
Some of these folks may be unknown to you – because it is based on my life, and charity work (I have spent too much time at www.MENDpoverty.org ). Never the less: look them up. Also, feel free to give me suggestions.
      Here is my list so far and the supplies I need for the costumes.

Carolyn Rose – Cofounder of MEND Scrubs, stethoscope, silver hair paint for a low pony tail, glasses
Ed Rose – Cofounder of MEND Same hair as Carolyn, fedora, blue t-shirt and jeans, pencil and blueprint(He’s an engineer)
Lisa Ferguson – Darla’s Godmother Boots – large black purse containing :coffee cup, day planner, black stuffed cat, airplane ticket) – little black dress and fish nets
Andrea Caster – Darla’s Fairy Godmother Blue dress, red cape, black rimmed glasses, holding legal scales, pink streak of hair
Richard Weinroth – friend and Food bank director at MEND Jeans, tennis shoes, chef coat, blue baseball cap, shoebox filled with toy food
Maryann Haver-Hill – CEO of MEND Red sleeveless dress, pearls, blonde wig
Scott Mickels – Controller of MEND Jeans, Blazer, dress shirt and bow tie, account ledger and dollars poking from pocket. (hair slicked back)
Rose Fox – my 2nd grade teacher Blonde wig, Hawaiian print dress, grade book
Rev. Andy Bales – CEO of Union Rescue Mission Bicycle Jersey, handlebars, Bible with a paper titled Los Angeles City Council Meetings poking out.
Kenny Keith – my baby brother (not a role model: but this was too easy) Superman shirt, jeans with holes. No shoes (or tennis shoes) , wrench and toy car
Samantha Morley – my friend and Medical Office Guru Heels, jeans, Zombie t-shirt, tote bad with slogan “Eat healthy and learn to love it!”
Job’s Daughter – International Girl’s Organization through the Masons White pillow case sewn into a greek robe, white twine for a chord, purple ribbon headband and white ballet slippers
Officer Crowther  – a police officer in my home town Police uniform , mustache, glass of wine, marathon medal
Barbara Bates Jensen – Nurse, mother, teacher Blonde wig, scrubs, first aid kit with sticker “Haiti or bust”