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Good Luck Jackie

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Today is the start of Finals for Miss Jackie.

Senior year is 2/3 over. Wow. I remember her first day of Kinder , and driving her to Middle School, and the first time she had homework in second grade. I remember play groups and feeding ducks, sewing dresses with her and years and years of Girl Scout meetings.

I am amazed to think that this time next year she will almost be done with her first year of college.

She's wearing her thinking cap ...

I am not amazed that she is smart, sweet, and such a nice person. She always has been.

Today is Spanish – “Ugg”, she says when I ask her about the teacher, the class and does she want to watch Plaza Sesamo with Darla and pretend it is studying for her test.

I know she doesn’t need luck. she is smart and she has worked for this success – but what am I supposed to say?

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February 1, 2012 at 5:53 pm

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