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June 17th , Darla Update

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Darla is scooting around on her belly a lot. Actually she has been “crib swimming” since I brought her home, but now she moves with purpose . Only after she reaches her destination: she assumes the crawling stance.

She enjoys Similac, I tried switching her to Enfamil but it makes her poops stink and she pukes it up…so we will switch back. And did I mention it gives her gas that sounds like the mating call of a Bull Elephant?

She babbles and screeches, but mostly laughs at everything.

I think she knows how to reach around to my neck and pull out the hairs there. When I have freshly washed hair – she tries to eat it.

She can sit up by herself for a short period of time and  her eyes are still dark blue, and hair is getting thicker and darker.

She recognized folks and looks us right in the eye.

she is a joy

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June 17, 2011 at 11:15 pm

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